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What Souvenirs to Buy in Japan for Women: do’s and don’ts Part2

  • Hentai goods

I have seen many bizarre items while roaming around Akihabara district. It is obvious only freaks could buy them! Horny looking toys, cakes shaped like woman’s breasts (no way), pillows with a naked guy’s image and other weird items are not acceptable gifts at all. Do not purchase them at any cost them if you do not want to break your relationship!

Image 11:

Author: Massimiliano


  • Aluminum Facial Mask

Let me make the things clear for you: this skincare product definitely looks like the iron mask put on by warriors of the middle age. I have seen this weird device used to cover the soldier’s face in historical movies. Not good, just scaring! Have no idea if the aluminum produce any effect on your skin, but it does not that nice.

Image 12:

Author: Andrew Liszewski


  • Candy Squid

When it comes to sweets, Japan can be challenging. Like most foreigners, I usually eye odd flavors’ candies with a great suspicion. Could you imagine the teste of candy squid available at any convenience store? Thanks god, the dried squid is not very sweet and often comes in appetizing flavor such as “spicy cabbage”.

Image 13:

Author: Paul Downey


  1. Giant Rubber Lips

Do you want to have slimmer and younger facial skin? Better do the cucumber facial masks every day, than buy the weirdest invention of Japanese beauty manufactures. According to the instruction, you should place it in your mouth and produce vowel sounds. I am not sure if it helps but these giant rubber lips make every woman look like a complete idiot!  

Image 14:

Author: Japan Trend Shop

face-slimmer-mouth-exercise-japan-mouthpiece-4 - Copy.jpg

  • Curry Lemonade

Curry flavored lemonade, what a lovely couple! Difficult to imagine more incompatible products to mix. Let us just acknowledge that somewhere in Japan many people would like to pay money to gulp curry flavored drink.

Image 15:

Author: Yasunari Makamura