Surprise stationery of Japan!! The second.

It’s a pen stand which is designed after a hand holding a pen.  The size is approximately half of a business card.  How about this playful stationery piece as part of your desk?  It’s a super popular item in Sublo!

・Hand Pen Stand Silver ¥2,376

The source: 36Sublo Homepage Hand Pen Stand Silver







These are the collaborated items by the leather maker, Tsutomu Safuji and Sablo.  They are made from tannin tanned leather in Tuscany, Italy, and you can appreciate the aesthetic quality of these leather products.  Each leather piece is carefully polished by hand and you can feel the natural sleekness in your hands.  The color variations are gray, camel and dark brown.  You will definitely be satisfied with this wonderful functional pen case.

・36×safuji Leather Kurukuru (winding) Pen Case ¥4,320

The source: 36Sublo Homepage 36×safuji Leather Kurukuru (winding) Pen Case



・Original Leather File ¥4,320~¥16,200 (The price differs according to the size)

Sablo’s original leather file.  Made from luxurious cowhide, they are sewn carefully by hand of craftsmen.

The source: 36Sublo Homepage Original Leather File

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