Nagasaki: Melting Pot of Three Different Cultures. Part 3

Today’s Nagasaki and its Annual Events

 Nagasaki Night View

Nagasaki night view is said to be one of the three beautiful night scenes following Monaco and Hong Kong. Geographical formation of this city is a bowl-like shape. Furthermore, numerous houses or buildings are constructed in slopes. At night, lights in houses and street lamps are turned on all together and the view is breathtaking beauty.

A recommendable place to see is the top of Mt, Inasa at 333 -meters high which is the same as the Tokyo Tower. To climb the top, a ropeway is available.




Nagasaki Kunchi: The Most Excited Festival in Nagasaki

Every year, from October 7th to 9th, the most exited festival called Nagasaki Kunchi is held to devote the Suwa Shrine with a long and distinguished history. The main features are several performances by ordinary citizens who have trained for several months. You can enjoy a variety of dances, floats, and famous “Dragon Dance” whose origin was China. A Dutch ship hoisting their national flag appears in some years. The coexistence of various cultures in Nagasaki makes this festival too distinctive.



Sprit Boat Procession

According to Buddhism, it is said that the dead depart to the Pure Land Paradise. When a family member passes away, bereaved family and relatives traditionally arrange a boat which is decorated with a picture of the deceased and any symbol of his or her occupation and is believed to reach the Paradise.

Once upon a time, the decorated boats literally flowed into the sea, but today the act is prohibited in terms of environmental protection. Instead, bereaved family tug the boat through streets with the big sound of firecrackers for bustling farewell. It is as if the city would be a battle area!

This event is held on August 15th which is the day in the middle of Obon or Festival of Souls.