25 Signs You Have Been in Japan Too Long Part 1

25 Signs You Have Been in Japan Too Long

Many foreigners come to Japan for a short vacation and finally find themselves working in a Japanese company. When the feeling of homesickness is gone and calls to the family become less frequent, they unconsciously start changing their habits to adapt to the Japanese society. Moreover, they are not being aware of it!

Now, they can easily converse in Japanese with old woman from the distant prefecture, navigate the Tokyo streets without using GPS and barely notice when a young girl dressed like an anime character passes him in the subway. Many things that seemed weird couple of years ago are so normal today.  Sounds familiar, right? We bring you the list of 25 signs that definitely mean you have stayed in Japan too long. Read and try to recognize yourself!

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Author: Edmund Yeo



  • You can visit a convenience store more than five times a day, sometimes just to buy another Pocky sticks. Your fridge is packed with frozen snacks and cakes too precious to store outside. It was long time ago you cooked at home last time, because oden soup from nearby 7-11 seems so delicious and incredibly cheap.
  • In the beginning, people who distributed pocket tissues on the streets irritated you. Now you feel uncomfortable going outside without tissues in your pockets. God, save the paper-goods manufacturers!
  • You achieved a skill to read standing up in the bookstore for more than hour. And manga cover depicting half-naked schoolboys does not make your face flush. In fact, you formed a habit to keep some obscene magazines under your bed.

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Author: Quent_B


  • The muscles on your back have trained so much from constant bowings that you could make your way through a stone wall. Moreover, you keep slightly bowing while talking on the mobile phone. After you end the call to pizza delivery service, you catch yourself nodding as if to say “Please, accept my apologies for bothering you with such a disgraceful wish”.
  • You have moved to the pink side of life and surrounded yourself with Hello Kitty things in your room. You cannot resist screaming “Kawaii” if you see pretty cat, girl or whatever.
  • Do you remember laughing out of girls showing V sign in photo booths? Now you look the same with your unconsciously throwing up peace sign every time camera shutter produce the clicking sound.

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Author: David Kawabata

  • You began to think that Internet piracy is illegal. Users who download gigabytes of movies and cartoon from torrent websites put themselves in disgrace!
  • During the rainy days, you can ride bicycle with a tiny plastic umbrella without crashing or getting wet. You never mind putting umbrellas on the stand outside the office or convenience store. Nobody would steal it. Even if somebody take it, you have five extra umbrellas at home just in case.

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Author: Juha Uitto


  • You do not scream or panic during the earthquakes anymore. Not a big deal! Your emergency grab bag is waiting for you at the closet.
  • You started to criticize the countries that do not such a basic thing as heated toiled seat. You even get a culture shock if it does not have fuzzy seat cover. When you feel lonely, you often go to the washing room just to talk with it for a while.
  • You find oyaji gyagu (old men’s jokes) very funny. You do not get sarcastic British humor and thick American’s gags anymore. Last time you caught yourself mumblingさむい listening to the old friends’ jokes at your home country.

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Author: Aaron Shumaker