What is Obento-bako?

Many people in Japan bring a home-made lunch, called “bento” to their work or school, caring for their health.  To enjoy our lunch, we have to have our favorite “bento-bako” (a box for bento) as well as the food itself, don’t you think?  That even makes our bento delicious!  Find YOUR favorite one among the various kinds of bento-bako sold in Japan!

<Kinds of bento-bako>

・Thermos Bottle-Typed Bento-Bako

Can you believe that you can have a nice and warm soup for your lunch on a cold day without going to a cafeteria or a restaurant?  This portable compact Thermos Bottle-Typed Bento-Bako, called “Soup Jar” is so popular in Japan!

・Stainless Steel Handy Pot

This “Stainless Steel Handy Pot” is such a smart bento-box, keeping hot things hot, and cold things cold.  A special cap on it keeps the food inside it from falling out, and helps improve the heating and cooling effects.

・Microwave-Friendly Bento-Bako

This is very popular among business men and women!  It’s very functional, and has a stylish design!  Since the lid is silicon and the box itself is deep, you can enjoy eating something like a rice bowl or a curry soup after you make them warm in the microwave!

・Bento-Bako with ice packs (cold packs)

This bento-bako is popular especially in summer time!  There are some kinds of this bento-bako. Some have space to put the ice packs in the inner lid.  Some have a top lid which has the ice pack function.  Some even have a rubber band (to attach the bento-bako), which have bags to put the ice packs in.  The ones designed with Japanese-style patterns or natural materials are popular too.

<Where to buy bento-bako>

You can get bento-bako in TOKYU HANDS, department stores such as ISETAN, general stores, and shopping centers all over Japan.  They strengthen the sales activities for bento-bako having a special booth according to the season as well.

What do you focus on?  Function?  Design?  Or you want it to be compact with lots of space inside?  Criteria of choosing it differ from person to person.  You will be pleased to see a variety of bento-bako in the store.  Let’s go there and get your favorite one!