15 Spots in Japan for Women Best to Visit with Sweetheart and Friends part1

If you are going to take a romantic weekend with your boyfriend or join your female friends in exploring the landscapes, there is nowhere more special than Japan. Secluded beaches, picturesque and diverse sceneries, cherry blossoms and traditional temples make it the perfect getaway for any traveler. It has so much to offer for newly wedded couples, those with passion in their mind and bunch of light-hearted friends.

Japan is undoubtedly known as one of the top destinations to truly surprise the ones you love. If you are looking to rekindle the flames of your love with a romantic escape or revive the old friendship, Japan is a right hit. Long considered to be one of the unique countries in the world, it is perfect to simply get lost in the passion and beauty of Japan’s culture. Definitely romantic, Japan’s mix of waterfront locations, forget-me-not landscapes and cultural treasures guarantees you a rewarding break. Being a travel expert, it is not that difficult for me to come up with a list of top 15 spots in Japan worth to visit with your beloved and friends. To tell the truth, it is actually difficult for me to narrow the selection down to only 15!

Where to Travel with Your Boyfriend?

  • Hakone

Location: Kanagawa Prefecture

Hakone is a beautiful mountainous area famous throughout the globe for its hot springs, ancient shrines and traditional Japanese grace. The best way to reach its sceneries is to take the most romantic train in Japan called Odakyu Hakone Romance Car. You can warm your feelings while relaxing in a natural bath and having a mouthwatering dinner in one of the tiny restaurants.

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Author: Alexandre Gervals


  • Ishigaki Island

Location: Yaeyama Islands, 450km of the main Okinawa Island.

With the temperature rarely dropping below 20 degrees throughout the year, tropical Ishigaki Island boasts beautiful palm tree beaches and world-class dive sites. The crystal blue waters offer an array of colorful marine life and endless possibilities for excellent snorkeling. There is no better destination to spend romantic getaway with your boyfriend or celebrate the honeymoon with husband!

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Author: kobaken++


  • Yakushima Island

Location: Osumi Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Yakushima is one of the magical places perfect for enchanting journey and covered with cedar trees rainforests, hidden waterfalls and gorgeous peaks. You would love to stay there for a while just to soak in the hot onsen and watch wild monkeys swinging through the trees. Highly recommended for a couple’s travel!

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Author: Peter Enyeart


  • Takayama

Location: Hida region of Gifu Prefecture

Takayama city nestled in the mountainous area of Gifu prefecture is blessed with atmospheric townscape and outstandingly preserved architecture. Take your boyfriend along the ancient scented streets to get a feeling for a way of life disappeared from modern Japan. I consider visit here a high priority for anyone travelling with a partner.

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Author: Bong Grit


  • Kyoto

Location: center of the Western Honshu

Kyoto is a fantastic place for creating shared memories and spend unforgettable time. Vibrant city filled with cultural treasures, quiet shrines and beautiful spots! If the romance is what you seek, take the trip on the famous Sagano Scenic Train running through the mountains at a slow pace, spend one day roaming in Fushimi Inari shrine and enjoy your trip bathing in the onsen.

Image 5: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bonguri/15943260022/

Author: Marco Mastrojanni


  • Takasaki

Location: southwest of Gunma Prefecture.

Takasaki is a peaceful and laid-back destination blessed with natural tranquility found in the rural Japan. If you want to impress your beloved with a charming atmosphere, there is no better spot to come for a couple of days. Do not forget to present your sweetheart a traditional daruma doll originated from this area!

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Author: open-arms


  • Tokyo Disneyland

Location: Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture.

Have you ever dreamt to spend a romantic day with your sweetheart in a magical land of Disney? Make your wish come true in the Disney Land, one the biggest theme park in the world. Dozens of great attractions that could make your heart stop is what the couples are looking for! I am sure that no other adventure park could bring you longing for passion into reality.

Image 7: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tombricker/13934543202/

Author: Tom Bricker


  • Miyajima

Location: one hour from Hiroshima.

Miyajima Island, one of the most picturesque locations in Japan, has long been regarded as a romantic escape on the tranquil Seto Inland Sea. The sight of cute deer sleeping on the waterfront spot can make everybody’s heart melt. Spend a day walking the scenic paths and enjoy the night at one of the island’s ryokan.

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Author: Jimmy Alvarez


  • Shiretoko

Location: Menashi District of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Nestled in the isolated region of Hokkaido, Shiretoko comes as the best romantic getaway for couples tired of urban lifestyle. It offers great majestic views over the virgin forests, unexplored walks to the brilliant waterfalls and boat trips around the northern tip of the island. Waterfall kingdom as sometimes called in the guidebooks, Shiretoko is the best place for proposing the marriage.

Image 9: https://www.flickr.com/photos/noc/1304156458/

Author: Yoshitomo Oda


  • Mount Fuji

ocation: Honshu, border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures

With a symbolic peak memorized in numerous paintings, Mount Fuji has been often chosen as the most romantic spot for Japanese and foreigners as well. The view of the perfect cone shape and its surrounding lakes is extremely pleasing for the thousands of travelers from across the world. If you want to reveal your feelings, there is no better place to do it.

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Author: Tanaka Juuyoh