Surprise stationery of Japan!!

A hard but supple 15cm-length ruler specially made of copper. Being simple, fine and of high quality, it’s great for daily use and it has great functionality as boasted by professionals such as graphic designers and architects. It’s a perfectly genuine “made in Japan” product made by the measuring manufacturer in Tsubame-shi, Niigata, whose ironware is known throughout the world.

・Tsukushi Ruler ¥1,620
The source: Tsukushi Stationery Store Homepage Tsukushi Ruler



Clips which were designed in the pattern of the Tsukushi Stationery Store logo. Since they are 45mm in diameter and made from elastic stainless steel spring material, not only can you use them as money clips but you can also use them for your pocket notebooks, notebooks, books or bookmarks. This item is very practical with various expressions and comes in three colors: silver, rainbow and black.
・Tsukushi’s Clip ¥648
The source: Tsukushi Stationery Store Homepage Tsukushi’s Clip




They arranged Japanese traditional “Tenugui” in a modern-style. Colorful and merry patterns will surely please our minds! Stylish and practical “stationery” prints – just like a handkerchief! It’s the best for a souvenir or even as a gift. Why don’t you feel this Japanese traditional art?
The source: Tsukushi Stationery Store Homepage Tsukushi’s Tenugui (a thin hand towel)



Tsukushi Stationery Store:
2-21-7 Nishi-machi Kokubunji Tokyo 185-0035

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