Surprise stationery of Japan!! The third.

They are memo pads made out of sliced shaved wood with a thickness of 0.15mm~0.25mm. The thinness is just like paper, and you will love this stylish stationery item, enjoying both the warm hue and fragrance of the wood. Since they are thinly-scraped natural wood, you will never find the same grain, texture and fragrance. You can also enjoy totally different kinds of writing touches, smooth on the front and rough in the back. It comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

・Wood Shaving Memo Pad ¥518~¥885 (The price differs according to the size)
The source: Yamada Stationery Store Homepage Wood Shaving Memo Pad


・Hyakunin Isshu* Stickers \194 (One sheet, 16 stickers) *one hundred people, one poem (each); a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese waka (a 31-syllable Japanese poem) by on hundred poets. Nostalgic Hyakunin Isshu now appears as stamp-sized stickers! It’s the best way to memorize Hyakunin Isshu, while also having fun!
The source: Yamada Stationery Store Homepage Hyakunin Isshu Stickers

0003 0004

This is a reprinted version of the Sazae-san’s Karuta, released in Showa 24 (1949). All the cards were drawn by this anime’s writer, Machiko Hasegawa. Such retro picture cards are so much fun ~ even just by staring at them, right? They come in two types of packages.
The source: Yamada Stationery Store Homepage Sazae-san Karuta


Iwako’s Funny Erasers are not only loved by people in Japan but also people around the world. Iwako was awarded the gold prize for this item on “The most attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest”. This is a valuable box-typed item with the most popular erasers among them. It comes in two packages, “Marine & TOY” and “Animal Assorted”, which have 30 different kinds out of 60 assorted pieces in each.

・Funny Eraser Assort BOX
100 pieces (50 kinds × 2 pieces) ¥3,300
150 pieces (50 kinds × 3 pieces) ¥4,850
They come in random. How about Funny Erasers for your souvenir or special collection?
・Funny Eraser Select 60 Marine & TOY / Animal Assorted (30 kinds, 60 pieces in total) ¥2,060
The source: Iwako Homepage, 1 Series Eraser Set with 60 pieces



This is a supreme item made by craftsmen, making use of the grains of solid walnut board.  Three pen stands are assembled in one rod.  You will see what you are finding in an instant, being easy to take out, well-organized on the desk too.  You can also use it to organize other small articles, such as glasses.  You can take boxes out from the rod and use them individually as well.  It’s made in Japan.

・Syosai Kobo Yagura Pen Stand ¥8,800

The source: Mamegin Homepage Syosai Kobo Yagura Pen Stand




This is a miniture drawer made from solid luxurious walnut board.  It’s carefully handcrafted by Japanese woodworkers, which I’m sure stationery lovers must be crazy about.  It’s just so stylish, the best for storage and even makes the interior in your room classy as well!  You will definitely have a high-grade sense and find more value in it than the price!  It’s made in Japan.

・Shosai Kobo Adult’s Drawer ¥23,000

The source: Syosai Kobo Adult’s Drawer
書斎工房 大人の引出し





This is a rare available item.  Even Japanese people are not able to find this.  It might be a treasure if you bring it overseas?  They also have small-sized or blank map ones.

・Japanese Map Stamp ¥1,728

The source: Mizushima Homepage Japanese Map Stamp




Even though it is just as simple eco bag, it comes in four kinds of badges: “BORN”, “HOME”, “FAVORITE” and “MEMORY”.  We would like foreign visitors travel around Japan, carrying this bag.  This is the best item for your lovely memory or souvenior from Japan.

・Eco Bag Japan and I with Profile Badges ¥3,024

The source: Mizushima Homepage Eco Bag Japan and I with Profile Badges




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