25 Signs You Have Been in Japan Too Long Part 2

You cannot resist gazing at the foreigners on the streets. What a funny look they have standing with a map in their hands!

  • You barely notice when somebody is wearing a mask. At the first sign of cold, you start to wear it by yourself.
  • You can sleep anywhere regardless of the noise volume. And you do not feel embarrassed waking up on a stranger’s shoulder on the train. Once you have seen white-collar man sleeping on steps you kept wondering why foreigners were taking picture of him. He is just tired of working 18 hours a day!

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Author: Miki Yoshihito




  • You do not wait for others to start taking clothes off in the onsen. You can easily be first to get naked and enjoy the hot bath with dozens strangers.
  • You know what you will do next month’s Friday at 5pm. And you have already planned the schedule for your vacations for three years ahead.
  • When you board the taxi abroad, you wait for the doors to open automatically. After getting off you are surprised to learn that you were cheated. The driver smiled so nice!

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  • You find it more usual to dine outside and stopped to invite guests to your place. You invented hundreds of excuses to divert bold foreigners from visiting you.
  • You spend a long time taking a hot bath every evening. You do not feel embarrassed getting into it after hairy odd strangers.

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Author: Hector Garcia


  • You are very busy. No time for private life and love affairs. No time to kill!
  • Littering and spitting outside is seen like a criminal offence to you. Everybody who accidently drops the piece of paper will get an evil curse. Clean environment is a basic human need.
  • You always travel with phone and purse at the back pocket half shown to people’s eyes. You forget when you zipped your bag last time.

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Author: hiromi


  • You started to add –san and –sama honorifics to other foreigners’ surnames and names. You even managed to turn their English names to sound rather Japanese.
  • It seems perfectly normal for you to walk bareheaded when it is freezing cold. From the other side, you find it extremely cute to wear hat at the summer time.
  • When it comes to your home country, you refer to Japan. Moreover, you are shocked to discover that you have a 100% foreigner’s look!

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Author: Chris Lewis


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