Let’s talk about Japanese food!

Japan has a very profound food culture.  Not only Japanese original cuisine, we can also try so many kinds of cuisines from all over the world in Tokyo!

Today, I’ll show you the real Japanese cuisine, which sightseers might not know of.  I bet you will enjoy it!


There are so many sushi restaurants all around Japan.  We have two kinds of sushi restaurants: the one where we can eat moving sushi with a conveyor belt and the one where we can eat “not-moving” sushi.  The latter is more like a sushi bar, not a restaurant.

It might be a little high status for visitors from overseas to go eat the “not-moving” sushi, since you might not be able to find the exact ones you like.  But I recommend that you should try that kind of Japanese traditional sushi bar at least once when you are here in Japan!

Rules in the sushi bar

Sushi bar, where sushi is not moving, is high status establishment even for Japanese people.

I’ll explain the rule and how to pay for you.

・There are three ways of ordering sushi

  1. Chef’s Recommendation
  2. Set Menu (Nami [regular], Jou [special], Tokujou [super special])
  3. Your Favorite

1.Chef serves what he recommends. If you have your budget, let them know beforehand, so that the chef can serve you various sushi selections in your budget.Chef’s recommendation is usually a course dish, being served one at a time. Most of the time, “otoshi” (appetizer) comes first, then “sashimi” (sliced raw fish), “yakimono” (grilled food), and finally “nigiri-zushi” (sushi shaped by hand).

If you would like to enjoy sake (alcohol) while eating, I recommend that you should order it by saying “Omakase, please” (I would like your recommendation).

Your total check will be about \10,000 (≒USD83.6) [as of Apr 22’s currency exchange rate].  If you think it too much for you, make sure you let them know your budget beforehand.

2.This is a set menu they offer.Since you can know the price of each set course before you eat, it’s more wallet-friendly way of ordering. They usually have a couple kinds of set courses on the menu. The sushi bar I recommend on this page has two kinds of set courses ~ “Jou” and “Tokujou”. Give the “Tokujou” set course a try! You can eat the best sushi ever with a reasonable price!




3.You can order what you want to eat. You can ask the chef your favorite ingredient and you also have to say if you want to eat it as sashimi or sushi.

Recommended Sushi Bar

Sushi served in this sushi bar is much more delicious than the one served in Tsukiji, Tokyo (where there is a big fish market), and all the sushi lovers definitely know this bar.

Name of the bar: Sushiya-no SUKEROKU

Address: 6-22-8 Kameido Koutou-ku, Tokyo

Access: Approx. a 5 minute walk from Kameido Station

Tel: 03-3638-1169

Open Hours: Lunch 11:00am ~ 2:00pm / Dinner 5:00pm ~ 9:30pm

Holiday: Sunday


Japanese Café

Even though we do have a world-wide popular café such as Starbucks, you should try the Japanese-style café as well.  Once you step into the café, you will feel that you are in Japan, looking at some interiors inside, such as armor or “ikebana” (Japanese-style flower arrangement).

Name of the café: Coffee Dojo SAMURAI

Foundation: 1978

Address: 6-57-22 Watanabe Building 2F Kameido Koutou-ku, Tokyo 136-0071

Tel: 03-3638-4003

Open Hours: 8:00am ~ 1:00am

Holiday: Sunday

Access: Approx. a 1 minute walk from Kameido Station (east exit) of the JR



Izakaya (Japanese-style pub)

There are so many Izakaya in Japan, where we can enjoy drinking alcohol with our buddies.

I recommend that you should go eat at these places below, when you visit Japan.

Yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick)

Speaking of Izakaya… All Japanese people would say “Yakitori”! There are so many izakaya bars that serve delicious yakitori all around Tokyo. My special recommendation is “Toridori”, which is owned by a subsidiary company of the Japanese beer company, SUNTORY. You will be pleased to see on their menu with pictures of each dish.

Name of the Izakaya: Toridori

Tel: 03-3356-7772

Address: 3-4-8 Keiou frente SHINJUKU SANCHOME 3F Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: Approx. a 1 minute walk from Shinjuku Sanchome Station

Approx. a 7 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

Open Hours: Lunch 11:30am ~ 2:00pm / Dinner 5:00pm ~ 11:00pm (Mon, Thu, Sun, National Holidays) 5:00pm ~ 11:30pm (Fri, Sat)

Holiday: Open all through the year



Seafood ~ Sashimi (sliced raw fish)You can have fish that are still alive in this Izakaya. Give it a try!

Even though most Izakaya’s serve sashimi, the one I want to recommend to you is “Hama-no-ryoushi Izakaya KOCHIRAMARUTOKU GYOGYOUBU”, which is owned by a fish wholesale company.

Name of the Izakaya: Hama-no-ryoushi Izakaya KOCHIRAMARUTOKU GYOGYOUBU / Shinjuku Yasukuni-dori Izakaya

Address: 5-17-11 Shinjuku Hakuhou Building 3F Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Access: Approx. a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Sanchome Station of Marunouchi-line, Tokyo metropolitan subway

Approx. a 8 minute walk from Shinjuku Station, the JR

Open Hours: Monday ~ Sunday Lunch 11:00am ~ 3:00pm / Dinner 5:00pm ~ 11:30pm


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  1. I’ve never been to a legitimate sushi restaurant and now that I think about it, I’ve never had sushi. Thanks to this article I now know there’s a bit of etiquette in ordering shush as well. I’ll keep this in mind when my wife and I go out to our first sushi restaurant. Thanks for the really good post.

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