What is dagashi….Part 1

Dagashi are snacks sold and come in a small-size so that children can buy with their little pocket money.  Actually, such dagashi helps children a lot with learning how to spend money efficiently.  In Japan, when children have an excursion or picnic as a school event, they have a decided amount of money to buy snacks to take with them.  Why don’t you visit a little store of dagashi next time you visit Japan?  Each being separated in small individual packages; they will be the perfect souvenir for your collogue or children!

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1. Crisp Thunder W Nuts Revolution  ¥33

Hungry?  This is the perfect snack for your tea time!!  Not too sweet and the texture of nuts is excellent.

dagashi1 dagashi2

2. Black Thunder ¥33

This got such a big hit in Japan.  I bet you will be addicted to it once you eat it!!  The sweetness is moderate and it’s also good to eat after you make it cold in the refrigerator too!

dagashi2-1 dahashi2-2

3. Kabayaki-san Taro ¥11

Amazingly cheap!!  It tastes like a real broiled eel.  Crunchy and delicious!



4. Nameraka Kinako-mochi ¥11

This is the most popular flavor among the popular Chiroru-Choko series!  Mochi (rich cake) is in the chocolate and it’s sticky and good!  Try a cold one after you put it in the refrigerator too!


5. Chibi Thunder ¥22

The mini-sized Black Thunder with white-chocolate flavor!
Crunchy and exquisite sweetness!

dagashi5-2 dagashi5-1

6. Gaburichu Grape flavor ¥33


Gaburichu, Grape flavor is popular among children!  The texture is just like Haichu.  The more you chew the more flavors you will taste.  It’s so yummy!

dagashi6-2 dagashi6-1

7. Umaibou Corn Potage flavor ¥33

Umaibou, Corn Potage flavor has been so popular for a long time!  Crunchy, easy to eat and delicious!  We can never stop eating!!

dagashi7-2 dagashi7-1

8. Oyatsu Karupasu ¥11

This one-bite sized salami is also the perfect snack for alcohol!  Even little children get addicted to it.

dagashi8-2 dagashi8-1

9. FELIX Gum ¥11

FELIX Gum is always popular among elementary school

students!  It’s a grape flavor and the taste

lasts for a long time too!

dagashi9-2 dagashi9-1

10. Pocket Monster Gum ¥11

It shows Pocket Monster in the front and it’s an apple flavored-chewing gum!  It has a lottery inside, and if you win, you’ll get another one!

dagashi10-2 dagashi10-1

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1-1-1 Tokyo Dome City Laqua 4F Kasuga Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003

03-5800-2522 Open Hours 11:00am ~ 9:00pm



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