What is dagashi….Part 2


11. Big Katsu (a breaded pork cutlet) ¥33

The popular snack, Big Katsu whose taste has never changed for a long time!  Guess what!  Put this in the curry and rice as a topping.  It’s tasty too!

dagashi11-1 dagashi11-2

12. Taratara Shitenja-ne~yo 33

It’s a great ethnic dagashi for alcohol too!  It might be a little spicy for children, but you will be addicted to this spicy taste!

dagashi12-1 dagashi12-2

13. Umaibou-chocolate 11

It’s a little smaller than the regular umaibou.  It’s crunchy with the perfect sweetness of chocolate coating!

dagashi13-1 dagashi13-2

14. Gaburichu Coca-Cola flavor 33

Popular Gaburichu Coca-Cola flavor.  This Coca-Cola flavor is the most popular among all the other flavors.  Perfect chewy texture!

dagashi14-1 dagashi14-2

15. Cabbage Tarou 22

Cabbage Tarou has been so popular for a long time!  It’s the best dagashi with a crunchy texture and takoyaki (octopus dumpling) flavor!

dagashi15-1 dagashi15-2

16. Yakiniku (Japanese-style BBQ) -san Tarou 11

It tastes similar to Kabayaki-san Tarou, but the Yakiniku-san Tarou tastes a little spicier.  As soon as you open the package, you smell yakiniku flavor.

dagashi16-1 dagashi16-2

17. Awadama Coca-Cola flavor 11


A lot of small children are fans of this Coca-Cola flavor of Awadama series!  Look at this extremely cheap price!  You can taste real Coca-Cola too!

dagashi17-1 dagashi17-2

18. Coca-Cola Bottle Gummi 11


Gummi lovers have to try this Coca-Cola flavor gummi!  It’s the perfect combination of sticky texture and Coca-Cola’s real taste!

dagashi18-1 dagashi18-2

19. Ramune (A bottled soda pop with a glass marble in it) Bottle Gummi 11

It tastes exactly like a ramune flavor and is so cheap too!  It has a lottery on the back of the lid. And guess what!  I’ve won ¥100 free ticket!

dagashi19-1 dagashi19-2

  1. Chewing Gum Coca-Cola flavor

You can enjoy it twice: once as a candy and the second time as gum after the candy melts in your mouth!

dagashi20-2 dagashi20-1


It’s a soft candy flavored with “Dekavita” (a carbonated vitamin drink sold in Japan)!  It’s so tasty and you can also feel the carbonation texture in your mouth.  Each piece is so small that you can eat them easily!

dagashi21-1 dagashi21-2

22. Yattaa! Men (noodle) 22

This is one of the most popular dagashi.  The texture is just like a “baby-star ramen” (noodle-shaped snack sold in Japan) but the taste is a little thicker.  It’s yummy!  It also has a lottery in the back of the lid and if you win, you can get a money ticket!

dagashi22-1 dagashi22-2

23. Chewing Gum soda pop flavor. 11

Soda pop flavored chewing gum.  You’ll like both candy and gum when the candy melts.  The gum tastes thick too!

dagashi23-2 dagashi23-1

24. Chewing Gum grape flavor. 11

Chewing Gum grape flavor is the most popular flavor in this series.  It has a lottery and if you win, you can have another one for free!

dagashi24-2 dagashi24-1

25. Awadama apple flavor 11

Awadama apple flavor.  Apple lovers, you should try it out!  It tastes thick and yummy!



26. Grape Gum 6 pieces 22

This is a long-hit dagashi.  Since each piece is so small, it’s easy to eat!  You can also eat them separately since they’re in a box.

dagashi26-2 dagashi26-1

27. Orange Gum 6 pieces 22

This Orange Gum is a staple dagashi!  It’s got such a thick orange-taste that we want to swallow it, instead of chewing!

dagashi27-1 dagashi27-2

28. Ume (plum) Mints 33

Even though each piece is so small, it has a thick ume taste in it.  It’s easy to carry and it’s also useful since you can eat it whenever you feel like it!

dagashi28-2 dagashi28-1

29. Morokoshi Watarou 22

Long-hit dagashi, Morokoshi Watarou!  Crunchy texture with the delicious flavor of corn potage and it’s cheap too!

dagashi29-2 dagashi29-1

30. Umaibou Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) flavor 11

Takoyaki flavor of popular Umaibou series!  Takoyaki flavor is in the top ranking among all the flavors of Umaibou.  You will be addicted to the crunchy texture!

dagashi30-2 dagashi30-1

Information for dagashi stores!


Tokyo Skytree Town・Soramachi Store

1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town・Soramachi 4F Oshiage Sumida-ku, Tokyo

03-5610-2705 10:00am ~ 9:00pm


6-31-1 Sun Street 1F Kamedo Koutou-ku, Tokyo 136-0071

03-5626-8444 Open Hours 10:00am ~ 9:00pm


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