< Must See Places in Tōkaidō Shinkansen (bullet train)> (Tokyo ~ Shin-Osaka) Part1

  Odawara Station


Odawara Castle


Odawara Castle is known as the Hōjō clan base from the 1st to the 5th generation, who controlled this area in the Age of Civil Wars.  You can see the city of Odawara from Tenshukaku.  It is close enough to walk from Odawara Station.

【Address】Jounai Odawara-shi, Kanagawa

【Access】 Approximately a 10 minute walk from Odawara Station (higashi-guchi)


Suzuhiro Kamaboko-no-Sato

Odawara is famous for its local specialty “kamaboko” (fish cake).  “Kamaboko-no-Sato” is a composite facility, which the long-established kamaboko manufacturer “Suzuhiro” owns.  It has a kamaboko museum, a workshop booth where we can experience making kamaboko, a store where we can shop and even a restaurant where we can eat dishes using locally raised ingredients.


【Address】245 Kazamatsuri Odawara-shi, Kanagawa

【Access】 Hakone Tozan Line “Kazamaturi Station”

Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Odawara Station


Hakone-Yumoto Station


Hakone-Yumoto Station is like an entrance station of the famous onsen (hot-springs) resort “Hakone”.  It takes only 15 minutes by train from Odawara Station.  From this station, you can travel even further to Miyanoshita, Goura, Souun-zan, Owaku-dani and Ashinoko, transferring through Hakone Tozan Line, Cable Car, and Ropeway.

【Address】707 Yumoto Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

【Access】 15 minutes from Odawara Station on Hakone Tozan Line


Atami Station


Atami Onsen (Hot-springs)

<Image source>http://www.photolibrary.jp/


Atami Onsen was one of the most popular onsen (hot-springs) resorts for the honeymoon destination until 1970s.  It is still popular because of good accessibility from the heart of the city.  It is rare that there is a station of shinkansen (bullet train) in the middle of the onsen resort.  The resort faces the ocean and various resorts such as lined up long-established ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) or modern hotels.  Many of them being built on the hill, the scenery of Sagami Bay seen from the window is beautiful.  In summer, you can enjoy the fireworks performance on the beach (for about a half an hour) almost every week.  They hold the fireworks once in a month in autumn, winter and spring as well.

【Address】Tahara-honcho Atami-shi, Shizuoka

【Access】 It is right there at Atami Station

MOA Museum of Art

The MOA Museum Art has approximately 3,500 collections such as “紅白梅図屏風 (Kouhaku Umezu Byoubu: a screen painted with a red and white plum)” painted by the Japanese painter, Ogata Kōrin (one of the three National Treasures stored in the museum) or 65 collections of Important Cultural Properties.  The view of Sagami Bay which can be seen from the main lobby of the museum is beautiful.  The long escalator with a total length of 200 meters and the height of 60 meters through the visionary tunnel, connecting from the ticket booth to the main museum, is worth seeing as well.

【Address】26-2 Momoyama-cho Atami-shi, Shizuoka

【Access】 7 minutes from Atami Station by bus bound for MOA Museum of Art, or taxi


Atami Hihokan (House of Hidden Treasures) [Sex museum]

“Hihokan” is the museum that displays erotic art and documents on the history of erotica for adults.  There used to be this kind of museum here and there in Japan, they closed one after another.  This museum in Atami finally became the only hihokan in Japan and such low-tech and unique displays have started to gain attention from people again.

【Address】8-15 Wadahama-Minami-cho Atami-shi, Shizuoka

【Access】 10 minutes from Atami Station by taxi


Atami Castle

Atami Castle was built for sightseeing.  Even though there is no such thing as historical valuable remains, you can get a full view of the city of Atami and Sagami Bay, since it’s built on top of the hill.  There is also an observation deck, a restaurant and even a photo house called “Rokumeikan” where you can have a picture taken after you try on Japanese traditional costumes such as a kimono, Jūnihitoe, Ninja, and Yoroi helmet (armor).

【Address】1993 Sogayama Atami-shi, Shizuoka

【Access】 10 minutes from Atami Station by taxi

Nagoya Station

Nagoya Castle



Nagoya Castle was constructed by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period.  This castle is famous for its golden dolphin on the roof of the Tenshukaku, which is also a symbol of Nagoya.


Approximately a 5 minute walk from No.7 exit of “Shiyakusho (City Hall) Station” of the subway Meijō Line

Approximately a 12 minute walk from No.1 exit of “Sengen-cho Station” of the subway Maizuru Line

【Address】1-1 Honmaru Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi

Atsuta Shrine

<Image source>http://www.photolibrary.jp/



“Kusanaginomi-Tsurugi” (sword) is enshrined as the object of worship, which is one of the “Three Sacred Treasures” (Mirror, Sword and Jewels) of the proof of the Japanese imperial succession.


【Address】1-1-1 Jingu Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi


Walk from JR “Nagoya Station” to “Meitetsu Nagoya Station” → Approx. 7 minutes on the Meitetsu Nagoya Honsen → Get off at “Jungu-mae Station” → 3 minute walk

SCMaglev and Railway Park

SCMaglev and Railway Park is a railway and a linear (induction) motor train museum built by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), which owns Tōkaidō Shinkansen (bullet train).  39 trains including successive Shinkansen and experimental linear motor trains are displayed.  Simulator on the driver’s seat is popular.

【Address】3-2-2 Knjoufutou Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

【Access】 Transform at JR Nagoya Station to “Aonami-line”.  Approx. 24 minutes.  Get off at “Kinjoufutou Station” and 2 minute walk.

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