What Souvenirs to Buy in Japan for Women: do’s and don’ts Part1

No journey to Japan would be complete without omiyage (gifts) shopping. It is always cool to purchase something that will remind you of your incredible trip and bring happiness to your friends and family. However, selecting souvenirs can be a nerve-wracking experience and one of most stressful aspects of travel. Real pain sometimes! I usually see the challenge in controlling myself from purchasing too many souvenirs.

While traveling in Japan, you will never run out of omiyage ideas. The Japan-only gifts ranging from traditional to the downright modern can be found practically anywhere. With a little digging, you will find any item you wish, classical or quirky, edible or practical. No wonder, there is no shortage of goods made to satisfy the needs of every woman. The longer you reside in Japan, the bigger amount of cute and pleasant things are waiting to be discovered.  However, you should keep in mind that Japan is also home to the weirdest and most bizarre items you have seen in your life! Some of these gifts every woman will wish to have in her home country and a few she may never want to see again. Below is a list of gifts that have amused, surprised and shocked the Western world. I have picked up the top 15 Japanese presents, from adorable to notorious, that leave females’ mouths agape. Happy shopping!

Best Souvenirs Every Woman Wants to Get:

  • Bonsai Kit

Every time I walked through the bonsai gardens, I felt my heart could break! I wished I could grow that precious little trees in my garden, but could not figure out how to transport it across the whole continent. Now the problem has been solved! DIY easy-to-use bonsai kit comes with seeds and pot to put the tree in – everything you need to maintain your own Japanese garden!

Image 1: https://www.flickr.com/photos/photooptik/348310117/in/album-72157594451811286/

Author: Christopher


  • Odd flavor chocolate bars

When it comes to chocolate bars, Japan is famous for hundreds of odd flavor combinations available at any convenience store. Green tea, chestnut, cherry blossom and other bizarre tastes are meant for actual consumption, not only as collectors’ pieces. My favorite is green grape Kit Kat!

Image 2: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jpellgen/4188566439/in/album-72157622682668933/

Author: jpellgen


  • Wagashi

Wagashi is typical Japanese sweets no woman can resist. These buns and cubes shaped “candies” are made with the same care and attention usually given to the cutting of expensive diamonds. As the charm of delicious wagashi extends their appearance as well, I find it tempting to pick up no more than my luggage can handle.

Image 3: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mako_side_b/16099444311/in/album-72157649929681805/

Author: maaco


  • Kawaii accessories

There are some many kawaii items in Japan! It is a good idea to buy one of the lovely Hello Kitty cases and put your smartphone in it. Cell phone cases and accessories are an easy and cheap souvenir for young girls and infantile women.

Image 4: https://www.flickr.com/photos/iloverilakkuma/5513419424/in/album-72157625885434950/

Author: iloverilakkuma


  • Yukata

Not every woman can afford to buy a super expensive kimono. Therefore, you can purchase yukata, traditional clothing used during summer. Made of breathable fabrics like cotton, it is one of Japan must-have items! I found it quite comfortable to use as a daily wear.

Image 5: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sakharnair/8528924087/in/album-72157632606682082/

Author: Hansel and Regrettal


  • Paper Umbrella

Traditional Japanese umbrellas made from lacquered paper are famous for their simplicity, delicate lines and exceptional beauty. You can carry it during the sunny days to protect your skin and use it to decorate the room. They are perfect for photo shootings!

Image 6: https://www.flickr.com/photos/astrocbt/3676285597/in/album-72157620648372483/

Author: Dennis Crabtree



  • Face and skin-care products

When it comes to skin-care items, cleansing oils, potions and facial masks, Japan is the best. Japanese women are preoccupied with beauty that means there are plenty of high quality and cheap products to make you look lovely. Do not miss your chance to hoard some lotions and BB-creams, especially of famous brand Shiseido.

Image 7: https://www.flickr.com/photos/commpilot23/14064714559/in/photolist-nqRkCB-5tTRn-tfkzA-MfN4M

Author: Khush N


  • Handmade comb

If you care about your hair, you should know that handmade wooden combs definitely rule. Japanese traditional combs are known to be effective on damaged and thin hair. It is quite popular item among the Japanese women, I would say. Even geishas of Gion district named it their official combs!

Image 8: https://www.flickr.com/photos/66321334@N00/7326865382/in/photolist-cas6Pd-7BFk8W-6G1E5u-6FWxPg

Author: DavideGorla


  • Manga in English

Like every woman, I am very fond of love stories and other romantic novels that can be read on the rainy evenings. If you happen to pass near the bookstore, do go inside and have a look at the endless bookshelves packed with various kinds of manga (comics). Search for the ones with a pretty girl and boy embracing themselves on the front cover!

Image 9: https://www.flickr.com/photos/telstar/203482296/in/gallery-50149671@N03-72157624050575560/

Author: Todd Lappin


  • Traditional dolls

Even if you are adult woman, you definitely cannot stand against purchasing cute little doll. Japanese dolls come in many different designs and usually represent children dressed in traditional kimono. These wooden toys, often with a mysterious expression on their faces, are perfect for house decoration.

Image 10: https://www.flickr.com/photos/catclawtub/4654088272/in/album-72157613088322151/

Author: vintagecat


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