Keep your eyes on Japanese sub-culture!!

What do you imagine for Japan? Possibly you would think of Sushi, Temples, Kimono, or might be fine technological objects like Sony’s phones or Panasonic’s TVs and so on.

Yes we are good at those, as known as globally. They are typical Japanese traditions, however do you ever thought of sub-cultures?

There are many places where you can meets Japanese sub-culture if you visit Japan. Let’s spot some situations that you hopefully be excited.


Conceptual Cafes and Stores. 

 Animations are one of the representative Japanese sub-cultures. Recently many conceptual restaurants and cafes are been founded.

Pom-pom Pudding cafe might be the excellent place to go with girlfriends.

Pom-pom Pudding is the name of yellow chubby dog character from Sanrio, which is the company famous with Hello Kitty.

You would be surprised if you see the lovely sweets menus from this cafe.


Example 1: Japanese style Pompom Curry from the menu.


Example 2: Pompom Pancake from the menu.

This cafe is in Harajuku city, Tokyo.

Takeshita Street is only 350m long but the most popular and famous place where Japanese sub-culture gams. Of course you can find Starbucks coffee, H&M and Baskin Robbin’s ice cream if you get started to miss something familiar.

However focusing on “Japanese” would make your day stimulated.


A Little Souvenir of the day.

Most of the people who shop at Takeshita Street are teen-aged to mid-twenties.

When they go for shopping with friends, there is a particular place where they go for break. It is an easy photo print studio.

There are many photo booths at the place called Purikura (stands for Print Club). Japanese girls love to take selfies and photos. This sticker style photo will be printed in few seconds and it duplicates so easy to share with friends. You will be beautified with big eyes, white skin and skinny legs in photo so girls would feel happy of that. It’s also possible to write something or stamp on photo so you can make your original designed photo.


Example 3: Print Club machine has two rooms.

One is for taking photo and another one is to design the photo with touch pen. Photo would be printed outside the machine.



Example 4: Printed photo examples. Eyes are enlarged, legs became longer and skinnier, as Japanese girls ideal image.


Animal Cafes.

If you are not that interested in comics or animations and love animals, there are great cafes where you can take a breath.

“Neko Cafe” is one of the popular animal cafe which almost located anywhere.

Although the difference between ordinary cafe and Neko cafe is that you can find cats everywhere around.

Customers would be sitting down on the floor at most of the Neko cafes so that you can be much closer to the cats.

Cat cafe is a trend in Japan now so you can possibly find it at any city.

The conceptual animal cafes became popular and begun to have variations. Owl cafe is one of the recent outbreak.

It is a merit to touch and see the actual life of animals especially if it is curios. If you are fancy in owls it’s worth visiting.

Let’s take a look of an owl cafe in Osaka and Fukuoka called “Fukurou no Omise” (means the shop of owls).


Example 5: Owls are freely reared at the cafe.


Example 6: You can find some rare owls there.


Example 7: The cafe is nicely furnished to face the owls.


Obviously having common senses and manner is required when touching the owls. Do not feed them and manhandle them. They can’t be trained defecate so need to be tolerant.

If you fall in love with a particular owl, you might be able to have it as a new family. All information about the owls and shop are written on the website so don’t miss it!


What to eat in Japan.

There are awesome fine traditional Japanese foods as most of the tourists would have but there are also many tasty fast foods in Japan.

One of the most popular foods that probably every Japanese people had at least once is “Okonomiyaki”. “Yaki” means to grill and “Okonomi” is the favorite so “Okonomiyaki” is to grill your favorite ingredients. The base ingredient is cabbage, flour and eggs. You would be choosing the topping when you get in to the restaurant, for example pork, seafood, cheese and so on. Put the Okonomi-sauce, mayonnaise and some seasonings then ready to eat.

The price is mostly reasonable and you would be expected to get full when having one.


Example 8: Okonomiyaki looks like a cabbage pancake. Taste delightful!!

There is another “Yaki” food called “Taiyaki”. “Tai” is sea bream, however Taiyaki is not the grill of a fish. It is a sweet red bean cured filled pancake, which shaped a fish. Sea bream is very auspicious in Japan so it’s often designed into objects.

Recently there are varieties of fillings like chocolate, custard, green tea and so on so no worries if you don’t like Japanese sweet beans.

You can buy it at street stalls.


Example 9: Taiyaki filled with sweet red bean curd.


Discover unknown Japan!

  Japan adopts different cultures from foreign countries and develops into originals. Those became sub-cultures and familiar to the people. Although these sub-cultures are not well known to the tourists who visit Japan.

If you pay attention to the street you walk, you would find another Japan which never known.




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Example 3, 4:

Example 5, 6, 7:

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