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TOP 7 Places Worth to Visit in Japan

Japan is one of the most high-rated travel destinations all over the globe. Its beauty comprises of fantastic nature landscapes, tranquil lakes, mountains covered with lush greenery and bustling metropolitan areas. Travelers are easily immersed in the unique blend of traditional culture and modern technology, with fascinating temples that have witnessed the past glory and innovative achievements in architecture and economy. From the first moment in Japan, you will be fascinated by the diversity of its cultural, historical and urban sightseeing places. One day you can find yourself surrounded by kimono-clad geishas on the ancient streets of traditional area, the next one taking you time in an outdoor hot-spring pool watching cherry blossoms fall or boarding the futuristic bullet train capable of unbelievable speed. Here are the list of most attractive destinations definitely worth to visit during your trip to the country. Go ahead and get a glimpse of incredible Japan!

1.Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社)

Location: Fushimi-ku, south of Kyoto. Fushimi Inari Shrine is considered as one of the most impressive and memorable sights in Kyoto. The vast Shinto complex is dedicated to the deity of rice and agriculture named Inari and worshipped by people running various types of business. The buildings of Fushimi Inari Shrine are spread across a beautiful hill area crisscrossed by walking trails. As you explore the area, you will see thousands of red tori gates and stone foxes, messengers of Inari. According to the tales, foxes known as kitsune have an ability to bewitch the people and transform themselves into any shape and form. What to do: do not forget to try the famous kitsune udon, the favorite meal of sacred foxes, in one of the tine restaurants along the hiking path. The noodle soup topped with minced fried tofu is so delicious! Image1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fushimi_Inari-taisha#/media/File:Toris_inari_7.jpg fushimi

2.Tsukiji Fish Market ((築地市場)

Location: Chuo-ku, downtown Tokyo. Visit to world’s biggest fish market in the downtown Tokyo is a must for travelers obsessed with sushi. The sight of the tons of fresh fish and the hurrying air of sellers armed with knives, spears and hatchets  make Tsukiji Market an outstanding tourist destination. The most famous attraction for the foreigners is tuna auction held early from 5 until 6 in the morning. However, only two sets of 60 people are permitted to watch the amazing scene. Sight of Bluefin tuna with tails removed and bellies sliced open amuses the spectators no more than buyers! What to do: after such an early arousal, you should pay a visit to the nearest sushi restaurant and order a huge set of shirogai mussels cooked until they burst open. Image 2: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%AF%89%E5%9C%B0%E5%B8%82%E5%A0%B4#/media/File:Tsukiji_Fish_market_and_Tuna.JPG tukiji

3.Himeji Castle (姫路)

Location: Himeji city, Hyōgo Prefecture. Himeji Castle is one of coolest samurai castles in Japan founded in XIV century. Japanese usually refers to it as White Heron Castle that resembles a beautiful heron spreading wings for a flight. All castle roofs are covered with white plaster and kawara tiles that make it the most elegant and magnificent structure in the country. If you happen to climb the mountain top, the castle will be seemed floating on the lake of picturesque pine trees. What to do: bring an obento lunch with you and enjoy a pleasant scenery while sitting at the premises of castle gardens. Image 3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himeji_Castle#/media/File:Himeji_Castle_repainted_3.jpg himeji

4.Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (広島平和記念公園)

Location: downtown of Hiroshima. Trip to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park can become the most emotional experiences in your life. Once a busy commercial and residential land, it was largely devastated by the atomic bomb dropped by Americans in 1945. Hiroshima Memorial Park comprises of many buildings and monuments that commemorate lost lives and express people’s prayers. The most prominent landmark is ruined A-Bomb Dome that turned into the symbol of peace Japanese people hoped for. What to do: pay your visit to the Park on August 6 when Hiroshima authorities held annual memorial ceremony and encourage people to lit and float small lanterns downstream on the river alongside the park. Image 4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroshima_Peace_Memorial_Park#/media/File:A_bomb_dome_hiroshima_sunset.jpg hiroshima

5.Miyajima Island ()

Location: northwest to the Hiroshima Bay. Visitors have praised the gorgeous island of Miyajima with its forested hills and sacred places since the old times. This picturesque haven is home to the magical Itsukushima Shrine and its tori gate that magnificently rise out of the tranquil waters of the Inland sea. During the high tide, they are seen as one of the most beautiful sights in Japan. The atmosphere of Miyajima is wonderfully peaceful and relaxing partly because of cute little deer freely roaming within the shrine area. If you are obsessed with nice pictures, try to give them some food and look how tame they will become. What to do: ride a rickshaw carriage pulled on by muscular man in a traditional attire. Sometimes they are even more talkative than tourist guides are! Image 5: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itsukushima#/media/File:Itsukushima_Gate.jpg miyajima

6.Nikko ()

Location: western part of Tochigi Prefecture to the north of Tokyo. Nikko is a perfect destination for the travelers longing for a breath of fresh air along with a great scenery. It is considered as an important religious center worshipped by all Japanese people and entry point to the Nikko National Park famous for its mountainous landscapes, hot springs and wild monkeys. The best time to visit Nikko is autumn when the colorful leaves are extremely beautiful in the chilly hills. Many travelers rush to spend few nights in the traditional hotel called ryokan and enjoy the seasonal deserts under the yellow and red foliage. What to do: choose one of the hiking trails around the Nikko National Park and explore the adventurous paths leading to the waterfalls. Image 6: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikk%C5%8D,_Tochigi#/media/File:Nikko-01.jpg nikkou

7.Jigokudani Monkey Park(地獄谷野猿公)

Location: Yamanouchi city, Nagano Prefecture. Have you ever seen wild monkeys taking a hot bath in a natural swimming pool in the midst of winter? When a thick layer of snow covers the whole land, they are simply having a fun in front of dozens spectators. These “bath lovers” are Japanese Macaques commonly known as snow monkeys that inhabit the nearby area. Brown-gray furred animals with a red face and a short tail seem remarkably human-like in their habits. All the visitors are tempted to jump down to the hot pool and simply join them. What to do: take a lot of stunning pictures and head towards the human hot spring located across the Yokoyu River. Image 7: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jigokudani_Monkey_Park#/media/File:Japanese_Macaque_Fuscata_Image_354.jpg         saru