What is dagashi….Part 2

  11. Big Katsu (a breaded pork cutlet) ¥33 The popular snack, Big Katsu whose taste has never changed for a long time!  Guess what!  Put this in the curry and rice as a topping.  It’s tasty too! 12. Taratara Shitenja-ne~yo ¥33 It’s a great ethnic dagashi for alcohol too!  It might be a little spicy for children, but you will be addicted to this spicy taste! 13. Umaibou-chocolate ¥11 It’s a little smaller than the regular umaibou.  It’s crunchy with the perfect sweetness of chocolate coating! 14. Gaburichu Coca-Cola flavor ¥33 Popular Gaburichu Coca-Cola flavor.  This Coca-Cola flavor is the most popular among all the other flavors.  Perfect chewy … Continue reading What is dagashi….Part 2