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Skyscraping Tokyo Tower is a symbol of the Japanese Capital.


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A tube television placed in a tatami-mat living room




When you were a kid, have you been told by your mother that “All TV and no study made you a stupid boy?” Even so, children prefer watching TV to school assignments. I always watched baseball games or anime on TV. Fortunately, I do not think I am stupid. At least, my mother should have said “Much TV and little study makes you a funny guy.


To display clear images, today, only a remote control is all that is needed. The matter of course is a gift from innovation of predecessors. (See the reference. SONY: THE MADE IN JAPAN) In Japan, the first telecast started in 1953. The number of TV channels gradually increased. They owned their broadcasting towers respectively. Every time you switched channels, you had to turn the TV in directions toward those towers all of the time. Or TV pictures became blurry. People experienced the funny story until just six decades ago.



The Profile and Background



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Tokyo Tower around 1961

The surrounds were lightly developed.




(Movie: 1


Japanese Imperial Wedding broadcasted all over Japan by TV




Around that time, a plan to integrate those towers into one emerged. The realization is the Tokyo Tower, competed in 1958. Soon after the completion, in 1959, the wedding parade of Crown Prince (later the present Emperor) was nationally broadcasted.


Just six years before, there were only less than 1,000 television sets all over Japan. After that Japanese people were enchanted with the beauty of Crown Princess Michiko and the sales pitch “Let’s watch the wedding parade on TV!” triggered the explosion of the number of TV sets which increased to over 2 million. In this event the broadcasting tower also carried out the big job.


Since about 60 years have passed, it has important roles not only as a broadcasting tower but also a sightseeing spot.


Let’s find and go up the tower!




As a Tourist Destination



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3-0515 昼・縦・全景2

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The Tokyo Tower stands 333 meters high (1,092-feet). Sorry for Parisien and Parisienne, Japanese people hoped to build a tower which was taller than La tower Eiffel (324-meter). The French of great pride would forgive Japanese enthusiasm of the day because today’s highest building is Burj Khalifa in Dubai with a height of 828 meters (2,716-feet). In the case of Tokyo Tower, the total amount of iron frame is 3,600 metric tons. A Space Shuttle weighs 2,000 metric tons, so the tower is relatively light. Attaching rocket engines may launch it to space! Anyway, Tokyo tower can emit electric waves within the 100-kilometer radius (62-mile).


Some had thought that the roles of Tokyo Tower would end after a new and higher broadcasting tower was completed. That is no longer the case. Rather, Tokyo Tower still serves as a back-up and attracts more tourists as joint result of the two. It is amazing that as many as over 2 million people visit the old one. What is its attraction as a sightseeing spot?




Command a view of the Big Tokyo from the Observatories!



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The main observatory




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An elevator to the main observatory



(Movie: 3


An elevator to the special observatory



A White and two-storied main observatory is set up at the height of 150 meters (492-feet) and a special observatory at the height of 250 meters (820-feet) is also open to the public. The latter was originally built for a scaffolding. However, a host of requests makes it refurbished. A high-speed elevator takes you to these observatories at the velocity of 200 meters per minute. And I give you valuable information. On weekends, the main observatory is accessible by taking the stirs. The total number of steps is 600. Please give it a try for you who are confident in your physical strength.



As an Entertainment Park in the Sky



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No way!




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The Galaxy created in a main observatory




Tokyo Tower deserves something of an entertainment park. The main observatory installs not only a stage where pops and jazz are performed, café serving snacks and drinks, but also a Shinto shrine! At a souvenir shop, sold are original goods which are not available in other places. Moreover, a see-through floor is placed. You can look down on the ground right under there. It is a bad taste for me because I am scared of heights. However, for those who don’t mind high places, the transparent window gives a sense as if you walked in the sky.


On fine days you can command a view of Mt. Fuji far in the distance, and at night, you can enjoy picturesque night views of Tokyo. Both of observatories are open from 9:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. It can be accessible almost anytime. Yet another good information! The Galaxy is created in the main observatory with uncountable lights on during the summer season from June 1 to August 31. Experience the special event at Tokyo Tower!




As a Symbol of the Capital



(Image: 9



Minato ku, the central Tokyo



(Image: 10)

(Photo by (c) TOKYO TOWER)


Zōjō-ji temple is at the bottom left.

The right hand is Tokyo Prince Hotel.



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Rainbow Bridge

(A link to the location)




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Five-Star Hotel Okura Tokyo

The US former president, Richard Nixon or Harrison Ford stayed.

Unfortunately, the main building is being reconstructed for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.



(Map: 1)

Google Map around Tokyo Tower



Special wards of Tokyo consist of 23 municipalities. Minato ward where Tokyo Tower rises is the Capital Tokyo pure and simple for me, a country guy. The ward is located directly south of Chiyoda ward including the Imperial Palace. The daylight population of Minato ward is five times as much as night one.


A number of prestigious corporations have their headquarters in high rises. A representative first-class hotel of Japan, Hotel Okura, stands here. Toshiba, a worldwide famous company, is an abbreviated name of Tokyo and the Shiba area in Minato ward. Moreover, out of 147 embassies in Japan, 78 cluster there. Japanese terrestrial television consists of the big six broadcasting networks and the headquarters of the five get centered on this ward. At the same time, there are high-class residential areas as if the Richmond area in London occupied a part of Manhattan. You may hear of the famous place names such as Akasaka, Roppongi and Aoyama Ave. All of them is bustling areas in Minato ward.


In the sophisticated urban atmosphere, Tokyo Tower has a prominent presence which is the very symbol of the Japanese capital. Going up is good. Seeing it from some distance is also recommendable. At any rate, remember to carry your camera when you visit the must-place in Tokyo.


I would like to say “Much study and much sightseeing makes you a well-cultured person.



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Lighting up




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Mt. Fuji is barely seen on the horizon to the left.